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Trooper #6

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With a cigar firmly gripped between his teeth, and his MT goggles on his otherwise bare head, this trooper prepares to move to a concealed ambush location..

The MT goggles were issued to motorized elements of the British and Commonwealth armies. (Anyone form motorcycle dispatch riders to tank crews.)

The trooper wears the standard Battle Dress (BD) jacket and trousers. While not an officer he has decided to leave his collar unbuttoned and his undershirt is just barely visible under the jacket. The large cargo pouch of the BD trousers is clearly visible, as are the button tabs at the bottom of the pant leg.

Over the BD uniform the trooper wears the very popular hebron coat. This was a goat skin jacket, typically with a white or black fleece. It was locally procured from the stores of the Trans-Jordian Frontier Services or other sources.

On his feet, the soldier wears the popular non-issued chukka boots which were lighter than the heavy Ammunition boots.

The trooper holds the ungainly and heavy .55 caliber Boys anti-tank rifle in his left right hand. While the AT rifle was the best of its class when introduced, it was obsolete before the war began. However, it was still capable of defeating the armor of armored cars and some light tanks used in the desert war. The gun will be used to punch a hole in the lead vehicle of a convoy for the upcoming ambush.

MT goggles
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