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Individual Uniforms

When joining the LRDG volunteers came with the uniforms and equipment of their parent unit. As such, New Zealand, South African, and British uniforms intermixed as well as the uniforms of the Royal Tank Regiment, REME, Signal Corp, Yeomanry, and Guards units. Considering all the options, Khaki Drill (KD) and Battle Dress (BD) were never a "standard". To complicate the matter more, troopers dressed as they felt appropriate for the mission at hand.

As you click on the images below you will be led to to some examples of LRDG field dress.

Trooper 1
Trooper 2
Trooper 3
Trooper 4
Trooper 5
Trooper 6
Trooper 7
Trooper 8
Trooper 9

About the images: The images in this section are all original art work inspired by photographs, color plates, and sketches from a variety of sources including but not limited to the books found in the Sources section. Images are © Blindkat Publishers.

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