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Trooper #2

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black beret with the LRDG 'scorpion'

Just arriving in Siwa, this trooper wears his black beret with the LRDG "scorpion" affixed. The badge and beret was was never adopted as an official head dress for the unit but commanders looked the other way.

This soldier also has his MT goggles around his neck.

The uniform is again Khaki Drill, however the shorts are longer and lack the 1st aid pouch. KD shorts were often called Bombay Bloomers and this pair is a prime example of why the nickname existed. The shorts are long and loose fitting. In this case, they have actually been rolled up! The reason for the long loose fitting shorts is to allow the air to circulate under the shorts and to aid in keeping the sun off the skin.

The trooper is armed with an M1928 Thompson, complete with the vertical fore grip. To protect the SMG from dust and sand, a sock has been slipped over the muzzle and canvas cover is snapped over the breech, trigger, and magazine openings.

The troopers feet are shod with "chukka" boots and standard issue socks. He has long since stopped wearing putties around his ankles.

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