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Trooper #4

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Individual Equipment

As the night falls, the desert quickly goes from unbearably hot to near freezing. During the day, this trooper was wearing his Khaki Drill (KD) shirt and shorts. He has slipped on warmer clothing as he prepares to head out for a road watch.

The most noticable item is is Tropal coat. The Tropal coat was an overcoat with a kapok lining first used during the defense of Norway. Unlike the the great coat, which was normally double breasted, the Tropal coat was single breasted.

The coat came in a distinctive shade of mustard brown with a reddish brown face to the collar. A flap pocket was located on each side of the coat. The coat was said to be heavy, uncomfortable, and warm.

The trooper wears a pullover sweater underneath the coat and just visible under the sweater is his KD shirt. His pistol is worn under the Tropal coat.

A pair of Battle Dress (BD) trousers is worn over his shorts.

On his feet is the issued Ammunition boots. It is believed the boots get their name from the fact that they were once issued through the ordinance corps of the British Army. Ammunition boots had a hobnailed bottom making them heavy and uncomfortable in the desert heat. The black finish of the boots has long since given way to the grinding desert sand. Both the polish and dye have been worn away so that the natural grays and tans of the leather are more visible.

The trooper prepares to set off for his mission with a cup a tea laced with rum to ward off the night chill. The SRD (Supply Reserve Depot) rum jug sits on the ground by his feet.

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