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LRDG Bantams (Willys MB Jeep)

Photo courtesy Brendan O' Carroll

Brendan O' Carroll

Patrol Commander's Jeep navigates a dune behind a 30 CWT. Note the covered gun and the relocation of the spare tyre.

Y patrol Jeep

Lightly armed & camouflaged, a "Y Patrol" Jeep -- Sgt. Derek "Hutch" Hutchins behind the wheel. Note the twin .303 Brownings on center mount.


A "Bantam" of the Guards patrol acts a s a make shift map table.

Guards Patrol

A stripped Guards Patrol Jeep mounts a Vickers GO. On the side is a German jerry can. The American fuel cans were a knock off of the venerable German fuel can and were considered inferior. Compared to their SAS counterparts, LRDG Jeeps were lightly armed and carried fewer supplies.

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