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Heavy Section, Headquarters

Medic truck

To the right is the LRDG Medical Officer's Truck. In this case a converted Chevrolet 1133x3 15 CWT.The two other trucks are both 1533x2 W/T (radio) trucks, the base of a windom antenna is barely visible in the background.

Medic 2

The second version of the MO truck based on the 1133x3 chassis. Following the MO truck is two F30 Fords.

interior MO

Interior view of the MO truck, complete with bunk medicine cabinet, and work table.

Marmon Herrington

A Marmon Herrington Truck. These 6 ton 6x6 trucks were standard cargo trucks used by Commonwealth forces at the beginning of hostilities.

8 cwt

F8 Ford 4x2 8 CWT

The F8 Ford was seen as a possible replacement for the 1133x3 15 CWT Chevrolets. It came on the scene around the same time that the Jeep became available. At least one of them was used on a patrol by the Kiwis. Afterwards they may have been relegated to rear echelon duties by LRDG headquarters or the Heavy Section. The LRDG tended to use every vehicle, including captured vehicles until it was no longer fit for service.

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