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Ford 15 CWT

The early Pilot Car was the Ford 15 CWT, also locally procured. The trucks are modified 1940 Ford 01 Pick-up trucks. The distinguishing feature of the vehicle is the V grill in front. This vehicle seems to be axle deep in sand!

The driver is wearing his goggles, greatcoat, and a scarf as he poses for the camera. Note the Vickers MG by the right hand passenger seat. The commercial Fords were purchased in Egypt and so therefore hand left hand drive instead of the typical British right hand drive as seen in the CMP pattern vehicles.

The camouflage pattern is azure on stone. The bright sun causes the azure to reflect an unusual amount of light for the camera. Note the signal flags on the far side of the truck and the empty swan neck MG mount in the bed of the truck.

Ford Pilot Truck
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