Non Vi Sed Arte -- Not by Strength, by Guile
LRDG -- In Color

The images below are, for the most part, thumbnails of color enhanced black & white WWII era photos of the LRDG. In some cases, the same photo appears multiple times. The reason is simple. different camouflage schemes or colors have been applied to a vehicle to increase a variety of patterns that may have been applied to LRDG vehicles. I do not claim to know what patterns were used by specific patrols. There are books that give clues to this but it is hard to tell from a black and white photo. The patterns are a matter of speculation and whimsy based on what I've read and/or seen. They are not meant to represent known patterns on specific vehicles at any given time. With that said, I've tried to get the uniform and equipment colors correct. In some cases, where some color other than tan could be applied to a tarp or some other random piece of equipment or gear, I've added a splash of color, thus you may see the occasional blue or grey blanket or perhaps a green tarp. The purpose of the pages is to give ideas, hints, or clues to the re-enator, historian, and model builder. Click on a thumbnail to launch the colorized image.

Bofors Truck in
Purple Brown & Sand

T4 30 CWT
Azure Blue & Sand

Jake Easonsmith
cleans his Thompson

T4 30 CWT
Another Pattern

Road Watch

30 CWT
Desert Pink

T patrol sets out on patrol

Early Ford Pilot car in
Azure & Stone


On The Blue

Road Watch II
more images to come