Non Vi Sed Arte -- Not by Strength, by Guile
LRDG -- In Color

LRDG Jeep Patrol.

The LRDG and SAS both realized the potential of the Jeep at the same time. Unfortunately for the LRDG the SAS got first dibs. In due time the LRDG also received Jeeps and they also managed to recover some of the "unsalvageable" ones the SAS left in the desert.

The images shows that not all of the desert was sand or stone and there was more than one color to the ground. Along the coastal regions and in much of Tunisia, vegetation thrived.

The vehicle appears to be painted with broad stripes of khaki-drab, olive brown, and purple brown. Perhaps the base color was the original United States GI issue Olive Drab.

Note how young these LRDG troopers look! While the men are fit, they don't look like Rambos.

Note also the bipod on the .303 MKII** Browning.

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