Non Vi Sed Arte -- Not by Strength, by Guile
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On the Blue

Sgt. George Garven and his driver, Trp. Andy Crawford, of T2 Patrol brings their 30 CWT Chevrolet over a ridge. Trooper Crawford wears the very popular tan pullover while Sgt. Garven wears Battle Dress. Note that Trp. Crawford has not wrapped his hands around the steering wheel, but instead rests his thumbs along side his fingers. One of the first things a driver would learn when driving across the desert was that if you gripped the steering wheel with your thumbs and took a bad jump going over a dune, you could wind up with broken thumbs!

The truck may be a new acquisition as the factory wind screen is still in place, the bracket for the SMLE has not been installed, and the stowage bin behind the the crew has yet to be painted! The air vent (located under the windscreen) is open to help bring a breeze to the lower cabin area. The overall paint scheme is Canadian sand.

Note the hose from the condenser has been painted the same color as the vehicle. By painting the rubber, the hose would not become as brittle when exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

(Once again the sky in the original photo was too washed out to provide any contrasting colors, so it was replaced.)



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